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Membership in our club is very laid-back. There are no attendance requirements. You don’t have to be anywhere you don’t want to be!

We usually have 4-6 events on the calendar for a month including a monthly meeting. Each month is different depending on the time of year and members’ whims, but events often include at-home play dates, storytime at the library, preschool playtime at local businesses, park days, and a Mom’s Night Out. Twice a year, we have events designed to include the whole family. We encourage you to attend at least one general meeting (typically the last Wednesday of the month) and one or two other events so that we can get to know you and you can be confident that you want to be part of our chapter!

Yearly dues are $25. They cover club costs, membership in MOMS Club International, and donations to area organizations, but don’t let the cost stand in the way of getting in touch!

Need a new copy of the paperwork? Download PDFs here!
Welcome Packet for New Members
Membership Renewal Forms for Current Members

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